Acacia Events

Virtual Booths

Keep your partners happy with dedicated pages they can use to promote their own products or services.



Adapt your partner's pages to your event

We’ll set up your partner booths that can include collateral, special offers or just relevant information. That includes text, photos and video content, as well as documents for download.

For a truly interactive experience, you can set up one-on-one chats with your partners’ representative or a Q&A section.


Not enough? We can always add more

We’ve built our platform on a strong foundation that enables us to add more sections that cater different needs. Get in touch for a personalised offer!

Virtual Booths Features

Social Links

Share you booth on social media and connect with all of your contacts, especially those who didn’t make it to your live stream.

Products Catalogue

Display your products attractively, with lots of images, videos and literature available for download.

Appointment Booking

Get more direct bookings after your event with Acacia’s built-in feature for appointments. It really is that simple!

1:1 Chat

Chat directly with a company representative and get information that’s specifically tailored to your needs, your situation or your budget.

Lead Generation

Generate leads at your virtual booth, just like you would do at a regular event.

Newsletter Signup

One of the best ways to keep in touch with your clients after an event is to send them regular newsletters. With Acacia, newsletter signup is a built-in feature that’ll help you reach out to clients on a regular basis.

Company Description

You can add all the details you want! Your event description includes up to 3 sections with text and images.

Visitors Polls

Engage with and receive feedback from your visitors.

Banner Space

Another great way to leave your mark is to have your personalised banner on display. With Acacia, we’ve already thought of this, so we’ve designed your virtual booth with extra room for your banner.

Live streams in partners’ booths

Allow your partners to schedule and host a live streaming session at their virtual booth. The plethora of possibilities enabled by our virtual booths allows you to sell a diverse set of packages.


Customize your virtual booth using your own graphics and logo. Make it yours.

Connect via Email

Reach out to your visitors via email. You can use this feature to send them updates or newsletters or personalised offers.

Set up your successful online event