Acacia Events

Welcome to the main stage!

We’ve built all the components necessary for an event to run smoothly. Since all events are different, our team will work with you to set everything up.


Control what your audience sees,
and when they see it

Switch between multiple live feeds, screen shares, backgrounds or display polls.

We want to make sure that you spend your time focusing on what matters: your content. That’s why we’ll help support your event setup and make ensure it all goes well.

Depending on your needs, we’ll set up one or more simultaneous live streaming rooms and give you tips on how to engage with your audience in innovative ways.

We’ve also come up with several built-in engagement features you’ll find particularly useful: chats, polls and attention tracking. This way, you’ll be sure to achieve your engagement goals.


Revamping content for this day and age

Content and formats that worked in the past will not necessarily work in the new world of digital streaming. Online, you fight for your audience’s attention with everything that’s happening on the internet. Offer your audience something worth watching and interacting with to ensure it stays engaged. Our content specialists will help you create, organise and improve your content.


Live Q&A and polls

Ask questions and enable live polls to keep your audience active and engaged. Use this opportunity to gather relevant information and even replace the old event evaluation form.

Custom branding

We know you want to leave your mark on the world, so let us help you feature your logo, signage, images, mottos or just your words of wisdom prominently during streaming.

Domain-level privacy

Your content is valuable and it belongs only to you. With our domain-level privacy features, you can be sure that the only sites able to stream your content are the ones you approve of.

Unlimited events

Physical locations come with.. well, physical limitations. Online, you can invite as many people as you want and run multiple streams. (Physical) limitations disappear!

Attention tracking inside the platform

We don’t track your attendees’ activity outside of our platform. But while they’re signed in, we’ll make sure to observe what interests them most. Use these insights to adjust your content or test what products are most interesting.

Up to 1080p broadcast

We use adaptive streaming. So, if there’s ever a time when any of the members of your audience have a slower connection, the feed will automatically decrease its resolution for them.

Controled access

Make sure access to your event is possible only for those you’ve invited. Security breaches can be a nightmare for you and your clients, so your best option is to prevent & stay safe.

Audience chat

Networking is one of the best things about attending an event. Sadly, this is often lost when switching to digital events. But with audience chat, your event will still have that special social vibe that’s needed for networking.

Live support while you set up and stream your event

You don’t have to face the day of your event on your own! We’re here to support you in any way you need & to make sure your live stream quality is excellent, so everything goes according to plan.

Multiple on screen speakers

Just because you’re streaming your event doesn’t mean you need to give up on the idea of having multiple speakers together on screen. We know there’s hardly anything more convincing than an entire panel of expert speakers, all coming together on a given topic.

Engagement & duration graphs

With Acacia, you can get the whole picture – in a picture. By using graphs to monitor audience engagement throughout the entire duration of your event, you can monitor which sections are more successful.

Unlimited attendees

With online events, you don’t need to fit everybody in or worry that not enough people are going to show up. Online participation is highly flexible, which means you can scale your event like never before.

Browser based

If you’re tired of always needing to add on more software just to make something work, we’ve got good news for you! Acacia is browser based, which means there’s no need to install or update anything before you can use it.


You don’t have to make educated guesses about the outcome of your event. Get accurate information about what is really going on, so you can make the best informed decisions in real time!

Live & post-event analytics

If there’s a way to measure it, it’s worth knowing about! Find out what the stats are with analytics specially designed to give you the big picture. And the best thing about it is you don’t have to wait until after the event to see the results. You can find out how your event is going in real time with live analytics. If something isn’t right, you can change it on the go.

Simultanous stream to social media

Making the best of what the online environment has to offer includes social media opportunities. You can stream your event on social media and capitalize on all the connections you’ve already made.

Set up your successful online event