Acacia Events

The Virtual Events Solution

Let’s organize your next digital event, together.


Your Digital Events Agency

Deliver virtual events at scale. Enable everyone to become full participants. 

Everything you expect from a digital events platform

So much more than just video conferencing, Acacia is the all-in-one solution that’s the next best thing to actual physical events.

Dedicated PM and support

To ensure you can focus on content and partners’ management.


No tracking outside the event. GDPR compliant. Our DPO ensures that all the privacy and data protection protocols are in place.

How is Acacia different?

Acacia is more than a platform. Our proprietary technology is powerful and flexible, but instead of giving you access to a dashboard, we’re working directly with you to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Our tech suite

We’ve built all the components necessary for an event to run smoothly. Since all events are different, our team will work with you to set everything up.


How is Acacia different?

You can set up your event from anywhere! You get to decide on the best location and the kind of event you’d like to have. The great thing about virtual events is that you can bring together attendees and speakers from across the world and host them all from the comfort of your office, your studio or even from your couch. 


Build virtual booths and generate leads

Your partners and sponsors can create their own presentation pages, using the online event as an opportunity to interact with the audience. They can demo their products and services, upload downloadable pdfs and chat directly with their customers.


Safe and sound… and video

Acacia is a European company, which means that all of our features are GDPR compliant. This way you can be sure that all your personal information is protected, even if you’re not from the EU. 


Discover when your audience pays attention

Acacia helps you discover what your audience is most interested in by keeping track of audience’s engagement inside the platform. That way, you can make sure your audience stays engaged with the content you’ve prepared and you can learn and prepare even better for your next event.

Acacia is for

One day events

Quick and easy, Acacia one day events are the all-in-one solution for your virtual get-together. Make the most of the event setup by your assigned PM and the streaming tools available to you!

One week fairs

Events that span several days need extra care and extra preparation. With this in mind, the assigned PM will be ready to help you with everything you need for your successful digital event.


Acacia is well equipped to recreate the professional look&feel of a conference, with features such as chat, polls, partner pages and attention tracking. Our assigned PM is here to help you set up your event and our technician will make sure it all goes smoothly in real time.

Trade shows / Exhibitions

Now you can showcase your best products and services and get together with partners, clients or friends, without the need to bring them to a physical location. Show the world what you’re really good at by streaming an online event with more reach than ever before!

Field Marketing

Reach out to your customers online and engage them in a new and exciting way! If your products or services can be experienced in a virtual setting, an online event is the best way to spread the word about how great they are. 

Hybrid Events

A hybrid event means that part of your event will take place in a physical setting and the other part will be virtual. This way, you can make the most of both mediums, without having to cut back on anything you feel is important. You can mix physical and online activities, depending on your budget, goals or priorities. For example, you could let people touch and feel your products in person, while running specs and demos online.

Set up your successful online event